Milk and milk products – for your well-being

Milk is a fresh and tasty drink suitable as a daily part of your diet.
Milk contains a wealth of important nutrients. Three glasses of milk or sour milk and a few slices of cheese are enough to ensure that you get the recommended daily dose of calcium, easily and naturally. Milk also contains healthy proteins, vitamins D and B, and a great deal of other vital nutrients.
Milk has many uses – you can drink milk as a cup of cocoa or pour it in your coffee, froth it into a white cloud or spoon it in the form of yoghurt. A fresh and colourful smoothie brings pleasure and energy to your day. 

On the website of the Dairy Nutrition Council you will find information about milk and milk products, a healthy diet complying with nutritional recommendations as well as a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Children and young people are particularly close to our heart, along with the development of school catering. You can also find data on milk and milk product consumption on our website.